Cordless Steam Mop

Référence : POL-MOPPY-RED

Moppy consists of a base that generates steam and sanitizes the mop and a light and easy-to-handle wireless broom made of anodized aluminum that reaches every nook and cranny, even the hardest to reach. The steam-heated mop cleans and sanitizes all types of floors and vertical surfaces and removes and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria * without the use of detergents. Moppy is intuitive, convenient and fast: it combines the efficiency of steam with the simplicity of a lightweight and easy-to-handle wireless broom. No need for a heavy bucket and hard to move, Moppy allows you to clean easily, always keeping your hands clean and dry.
– Power 1500W
– Cleans and sanitizes with hot mop impregnated with steam
– Removes and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria *
– Cleans without detergents
– For all types of floors and washable vertical surfaces (doors, cabinet doors, tiled walls)
– Function catches dust with electrostatic wipe
– The surfaces are dry and without traces immediately
– Ready in 10 seconds
– 0.7 liter tank with unlimited autonomy
– Anodized aluminum wireless broom with telescopic handle
– Wide broom head: 39×9 cm
– 4 included accessories: 2 washable microfibre mops + 2 wipes catch electrostatic dust
– Made in Italy

199 CHF